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Finding me with EFT

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Hi, I'm Sue Anne

I’m a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner. My mission is to empower you to get out of your own way and break that cycle of self sabotage that’s preventing you from the growth and emotional freedom you so deeply desire.


You see I believe you can significantly reduce: anxiety, chronic pain, depression, stress, PTSD, and overall psychological distress and overwhelm, by applying evidence-based EFT.

  • Certified EFT Practitioner

  • Certified Matrix Reimprinter

  • Certified Master NLP Coach & Practitioner ABNLP

  • Certified Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy

  • Certified Master Hypnotist ABH

  • Dip of Ed., Grad Dip R.E., Bach. of Ed., Bach. of Arts

Sue Anne Fuller Trauma Relief EFT Gold Coast
What I Specialise In

Eliminating Emotional Obstacles

Releasing self-sabotaging beliefs about yourself

Changing unhealthy behaviours

Transforming low emotional energy

Reprogramming for greater success

Emotional Freedom specialist
The moment you decide to contact me, is the moment you step out of your comfort zone and step into your journey of personal transformation.

"This is highly transformational work and it's a true blessing to come across a practitioner with this level of knowledge, passion and certainty in your ability to heal through EFT. Step into your space of grace and clarity"

- Katrina Leavitt

"What I love most is that I never felt judged, we laugh, I cry and she stands strong...If you're thinking about working with Sue-Anne all I have to say is "what are you waiting for? This woman is amazing, she changed my life!!!"

- Jade Mason

“Knowing I would feel safe in Sue-Anne's hands as I commenced exploration of a wounded part of myself, provided the most sacred space for healing. Thank you Sue-Anne for the light you shine so brightly in this world”

- Kate Helder
Finding me with EFT...
10wk 'Place of Grace' Journey Sue Anne Fuller

10wk 'Place of Grace' Journey

Imagine viewing yourself from a place of love and unconditional acceptance knowing you are more than enough

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