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You’re a soulful woman who has one big dream


Your mind is looping with criticising thoughts and you procrastinate to protect yourself from being judged. You want to change your self-talk but the struggle to meet demands on your time leaves you feeling down on yourself. You are feeling exhausted with emotional burnout. You are tired of not having enough and simply going through the motions of survival. You know where you want to be, you just can’t get there. YOU HAVEN’T GOT THE ‘HOW TO.’ 

Hi I’m Sue Anne

I’m a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner and I’m on a mission to help you get out of your own way and break that cycle of self sabotage that’s preventing you from the growth and emotional freedom you so deeply desire in your life and in your busines

You see I believe you can be 



Grounded in your heart space knowing you are more than enough


Served by your innate intelligence and intuitive ‘knowing’


Comfortable with the unknown


Consciously and mindfully in the ‘here and now’


A vibrational magnet to attract and create all you choose to be in life


Equipped to manage stress and overwhelm


Reconnected with all your broken hearted pieces


Closer than ever before to your greatest love


The embodiment of ease and awe


Focused on what you want


At one with your Soul Song


Daringly and courageously you!


Living from your Place of Grace

Let’s Journey Together


All change begins with increased awareness and this principle is at the heart of my program. By the end of the 10 weeks you will be a self-aware CEO who is able to manage, focus and prioritise your time and energy. Gradually learning how to surrender to the process + apply EFT reconstitutes limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours. 

This might be the toughest journey of your life so far but it will be worth it! There is too  much at risk to not ‘let go’ of the old ways of turning up in your life.

Transformation implies compassion and a shift in the way you view yourself. Through my 1:1 you will partner me for your unique journey of healing and discovery to arrive at your Place of Grace. Your unique resourcefulness is buried deeply beneath the layers of fear and self-protective behaviours. My package creates the safe circumstances where your giftedness and invaluable contribution to the world is revealed and birthed.

This intensive package is customised and focused on providing you with a diverse range of support to meet the specific needs of your inner work. Discover resourcefulness and the power of embracing those things that excite and motivate you to flourish.

Let’s initiate your perspective revolution to change the way you perceive YOU by:

Eliminating emotional obstacles to reaching desired goals.

Releasing self-sabotaging beliefs about yourself & how the world operates.

Reduce the charge on unwanted emotional & physiological reactions to triggers & difficult memories.

Change unhelpful & unhealthy behaviours.

Shift your emotional set-point from low mood and high distraction to optimism and wonder.

Establish and reinforce new beliefs & actions to enhance goals, quality of life & business success.

‘The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.’ M. Angelou.

It’s time to make shift happen! 


And learn about the evidence-based techniques of Tapping (EFT) and some brain science. Discover the power of  ‘Shared Benefits’ in The Tapping Circle.  You’ll be amazed at the versatility of this stress-reduction tool to assist you in many areas in your daily life.

During the workshop you’ll gain insights into the impact of stress on your body, mind and health. Plus you’ll experience the way this self-applied technique can quickly calm your aroused mind and release tension from your body. One fascinating and measureable aspect of The Tapping Circle is an increase in your flexibility. You might notice it’s easier to touch your toes and that niggling ache in your shoulders has disappeared!

EFT equips you to be safe and contained with the  ‘Tap and Breathe” protocol. This is such a great parenting technique for your tool-box. This beautiful life-enhancing tool regulates your nervous system and quickly reduces stress. Would this make a difference to your life?

Tapping is a hands on approach to wellness and improved performance. EFT dissolves blocked energy in your body and increases your flow of healing. It empowers you to decrease challenging sensations and issues associated with pain, depression, anxiety, relationships and cravings.

The Tapping Circle is a great way for you to become acquainted with EFT, your feeling body, your ability to change your state and myself as an experienced facilitator. The beauty of the workshops awakens you to the possibility of new ways of being in your life. You may find yourself asking the question, ‘Am I ready to “let go”, step out of my old familar patterns and take responsibility for the change I deeply desire?’

Join us for a fun and informative way to learn the basic clinical EFT protocol. Yes, then you can go away and use it whenever you choose.

I am happy to meet the unique demands of a target group who collectively have specific health needs, provided it is within my experience and scope as a Practitioner and facilitator.

It’s time to create new pathways for happiness, health and success.


The moment you decide to contact me, is the moment you step out of your comfort zone and step into your journey of Personal Transformation

Benefits of working together include

Practical tools to shift fears and self-perceived difficulties to prevent mental blocks to your ONGOING SUCCESS

DEVELOP RESILIANCE in the face of stress, change and uncertainty

Relief from physical pain, anxiety and emotional suffering TO ENHANCE YOUR WELL-BEING AND VITALITY

Sustained Emotional Freedom TO SUPPORT conscious, HEART-CENTRED choiceS IN LIFE AND BUSINESS

Translation of our work and your PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGHS across your relationships and business

Release of limiting self-beliefs and old patterns of thinking TO PRODUCE A MAJOR COMEBACK OF ‘YOU’ FOR your NEW, LIFE-ENHANCING EXPERIENCES!

CONFIDENT in purpose & your contribution to others

A sacred inner journey to EMBRACE AND HEAL your greatest fear and core wounds

Create a deeper level of inner harmony, SELF-REGULATION and self-compassion

DISCOVERING your purpose, inner resourcefulness and GIFT TO THE WORLD

Build a LOVING CONNECTION to yourself and SET YOURSELF FREE to show up and shine!

Arrive at your PLACE OF GRACE to hold and express the claimed treasure of your search: A REVISED, COURAGEOUSLY WHOLEHEARTED, SOUL ALIGNED YOU!

My promise to you

My extensive experience as a Certified Energy Practitioner and the profound results experienced by clients have given me complete faith in the efficacy of these life-changing techniques and my ability as a facilitator. 

I am committed to working gently with you in a partnership of self-discovery. You will be held in a safe space of calm and contain. I have first hand knowledge of childhood trauma and the ways unresolved issues show up in life.

If you are suffering overwhelm, business frustrations or pain in your body, my unique process will create lasting relief and emotional freedom

My previous clients have experienced feeling


By the speed of the process to resolve intense emotional triggers and persistent negative emotional states


By the intensity of triggering from a past experience and simultaneously overcome with almost instant relief


To feel the burden of heavy energy and shame lift from their heart and shoulders


To take their business and relationships to a new level


To easily implement desired changes in all areas, including business and personal life


By how powerful the EFT process is and how tapping is now the default ‘go to place’ to allow the body and mind to relax and heal.

My journey with Sue-Anne has been life changing.  It was the most gentle and effective soul work I have done and I’m freaking in love with my life and my business following this experience. I have changed at a cellular level and it’s rocking my world over and over and over! Thank you Sue Anne..BIG LOVE x

Isabelle Sheffield // Brand Mentor & Soul Coach



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