Energy Shifter

My Genius...

Story whisperer and energy shifter

My genius has come from years of experience as an educator, group facilitator and Certified Practitioner in multiple modalities. I am doing what I know best when I am fully present, totally tuned into and believing the power of possibilities into your spirit. This is my passion. The miracle of our trust and connection is the gateway to your compelling desire to safely discover all that you are as a precious gift of self in the service of loving kindness to others.

Sue Anne Fuller Trauma Relief EFT Gold Coast
Sue Anne Fuller Certified EFT Practitioner.
Sue Anne Fuller Tapping for chronic pain

My Story

Living my story created underlying beliefs of ‘not being good enough, the world is a dangerous place and feelings of unworthiness’. In my adulthood, I related with others from my programmed behaviour of family dysfunction and emotional disconnect. I perfected socially acceptable avoidance strategies: had an addiction to hard work, need to fix others & an irrational urge to take responsibility for everyone else’s happiness. 


Despite any ambition to change and succeed, my low self-worth kept me playing small. I was trapped in the unresolved grief of a loveless childhood. Unresolved childhood trauma created an emotional storm in my mind and body, it was impossible to hide. The repetitive cycles of bewilderment, confusion and conflict became clear emotional road signs, I was holding me back. I had lost all contact with my heart felt sense of who I was and faced the possibility I maybe never had a grasp on me to begin with. 

I was always terrified of my vulnerability...

My situation and story changed the moment I took full ownership of my mess, and my emotional dependency to drama and hormonal addiction to stress!

My healing is on-going. It sends ripples of love to my family and others who are in connection with me. I have a new identity. I am growing my business, living my passion and discovering other women with the same purpose. They also want to live with ease, grace and flow.
I am free to be me!