Finding Me with EFT

My Story…

My early story is one of confusion, psychological abuse and shattering fear. Growing up never felt ‘safe’ in my home. I struggled to learn ways to stay visibly hidden and fight for survival. Living my story created underlying beliefs of ‘not being good enough, the world is a dangerous place and feelings of unworthiness’. In my adulthood, I related with others from my programmed behaviour of family dysfunction and emotional disconnect. I perfected socially acceptable avoidance strategies: had an addiction to hard work, need to fix others and irrational urge to take responsibility for everyone else’s happiness. Despite any ambition to change and succeed, my low self-worth kept me playing small. I was trapped in the unresolved grief of a loveless childhood.

I fooled myself. I was convinced I could run away from my family’s abusive patterns. It wasn’t until I recognised the behaviours and similar feelings of abandonment showing up in my failed marriage and the lives of my children that I accepted I had a problem. It didn’t matter who was to blame, I knew it was time to face my demons. I was exhausted. Living  drained the life force from my soul. Unresolved childhood trauma created an emotional storm in my mind and body, it was impossible to hide. The consequences were far too high.  The repetitive cycles of bewilderment, confusion and conflict became clear emotional road signs, I was holding me back. I had lost all contact with my heart felt sense of who I was and faced the possibility I maybe never had a grasp on me to begin with. 

I was always terrified of my vulnerability

I would fight to protect that part of my heart that was broken.  I struggled through the isolation of an emotionally abusive marriage, poverty, and finally challenges of being a single mother with four young children.

My life experiences reminded me of my unworthiness and my core belief: ‘I am unlovable.’ My limiting beliefs held the painful symptoms in place by being a filter for all my life experiences.

Emotional tsunamis have occurred at the most unexpected times. Two of my children suffered mental breakdowns. I found myself parenting my grandchildren. The fall-out of mental illness and addiction have reshaped my life. Yet in the wilderness of feeling powerless, where chronic stress and trauma robbed my soul of her song, creativity and the natural inclination for intimacy, I have discovered a path to freedom. I realised my child-self and adult-self needed a safe way to reconnect to address the emotional pain. This is the path. Together we are destined to share the sacred medicine of the soul’s capacity for healing and the mind’s ability to renew.

I discovered a gentle and caring woman living behind her high walls of protection. I have surrendered the regret of “not knowing what I know now” in terms of my children’s battles with anxiety and addiction. I believe as we heal and come into the brilliant light of transformation we are better able to serve others from a place of integrity.

My situation and story changed the moment I took full ownership of my mess, and my emotional dependency to drama and hormonal addiction to stress!

The circumstances and decisive actioning of Grace have led me to a place of hope and resilience. The unexplainable power of the Divine, prayer, meditation, mind/body techniques and the mystery of Grace met me where I was at and gently re wired me for inner peace. These techniques sent a profound message to my anxious brain: I am here right now and I am safe. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting have equipped me to reduce stress, change limiting -beliefs and take the charge off the traumatic memories.

Trauma created change I didn’t choose. It started within the broader constellation of my family within the quantum field of past significant events. 

Commitment to my personal work has been life-changing and rewarding! Even though the journey was at times messy, unpredictable and scary. It took courage to peel back the emotional layers of past trauma and disconnect.

My healing is on-going. It sends ripples of love to my family and others who are in connection with me. I have a new identity. I am growing my business, living my passion and discovering other women with the same purpose. They also want to live with ease, grace and flow.

I am free to be me! Unashamedly myself and magnificently gifted for the purpose of fulfilling my purpose.

The work of finding me has created a space where I can be both vulnerable and bold. I am committed to staying in my own lane with clear boundaries.  This great work I have undertaken, finding and holding the treasure that is at the heart of me, has been richly rewarding.

My responsibility is to own my ‘shit’, self-regulate and tap into my emotional honesty by giving it a voice. I am choosing to stay focused on my willingness to respond to any future ‘triggers’ with acceptance and excitement! I have learnt this is where the healing juice lies… an unresolved hurt from the past has flipped my irrational brain into a state of alarm. This is a signal to ‘follow the energy’ and do the internal work of embrace and empowerment.

Now is the best time to begin the work of living authentically from your heart space. Resolve past hurts and release limiting beliefs that are holding you back. This is your life’s purpose. Work with me as I hold you in your place of vulnerability until you become strong enough to discover the magnificence of YOU!

My Qualifications & Genius

My genius has come from years of experience as an educator, group facilitator and Certified Practitioner in multiple modalities. I am doing what I know best when I  am fully present, totally tuned into and believing the power of possibilities into your spirit. This is my passion. The miracle of our trust and connection is the gateway to your compelling desire to safely discover all that you are as a precious gift of self in the service of loving kindness to others.

Certified EFT Practioner

Certified Matrix Reimprinter

Certified Master NLP Coach & Practioner ABNLP

Certified Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy

Certified Master Hypnotist ABH

Dip of Ed., Grad Dip R.E., Bach. of Ed., Bach.of Arts

Let’s not forget the fun stuff!

My favourite place to create sheer fun and joy are at music and folk festivals. The sounds, vibrant colour and energy of the dance floor and performance of a band ignite my whole body

A sunrise yoga and meditation with a group of soulful people, followed by warm hugs and big smiles is a beautiful place of happiness and connection.

Falling asleep in front of an open fire, standing under a crashing waterfall, jumping from rock ledges into deep crystal clear water, scuba diving with tropical fish and riding spirited horses in nature are soul food for me!

Smelling the leather of boots and riding a motorbike through mountain ranges are all out of this world mad contagious fun for me

I love parties with my beautiful tribe of inspiring friends who relish good food, spicy curries, full bodied red wine, sounds of the saxophone and enlivened conversation. 

Skydiving and whale watching are a blast of explosive fun! I crave that explosive energy rush of pushing my body and belief to the limit of my capacity to embody joy.


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