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Journey with me

Are you ready to do the empowering work of finding you?

I am committed to working gently with you in a partnership of self-discovery. You will be held in a safe space of calm and grace
Wellness on Gold Coast

Discovery Call

The first step of our journey begins with a 'free' discovery call or zoom where you will meet me and we can discuss your goals, needs and how we can move forward together to support you most effectively. This call will be approximately 20 minutes long and allow me to have insight into the path you require to take for work.

Release your past

'Place of Grace' Journey

This intensive package is customised to provide you with a diverse range of support to meet the specific needs of your inner work. Discover your resourcefulness & embrace those things that motivate you to flourish by


  • Eliminating emotional obstacles to reaching desired goals.

  • Releasing self-sabotaging beliefs about yourself & how you operate in the world.

  • Changing unhelpful & unhealthy behaviours.

  • Transforming low emotional set-points into creativity and inner calmness.

  • Reprogramming for greater success & emotional freedom


​Discover gentle ways to rewrite your story over the 10 weeks by activating self-compassion & the magnificence hidden in the heart of you. Miracles will unfold as you have a shift in the way you view yourself. 

Shifting Limiting Beliefs

Shifting Limiting Beliefs

A limiting belief is a ‘false’ perception about the way you view yourself. It often originates from a core wound or adverse experience in childhood. The belief is the meaning you made about yourself as a result of the situation. These beliefs are the software, sabotaging your true potential. The 5 session package is designed to address the dominating belief that is keeping you stuck & creating new beliefs to serve your highest potential.

Psychological Support Gold Coast

Psychological Support

This is a tailored approach to meet your specific needs over a longer period of time. The efficacy of EFT as a stress reduction tool means it can be successfully applied to a range of ailments for the purpose of reducing symptomatology. Recent Clinical trials for cancer & chronic pain highlight how Clinical EFT improves multiple Physiological markers for improved Immune System & the reduction of anxiety associated with medical treatments.

My promise to you...

My extensive experience as a Certified Energy Practitioner and the profound results experienced by clients have given me complete faith in the efficacy of these life-changing techniques and my ability as a facilitator. I am committed to working gently with you in a partnership of self-discovery. You will be held in a safe space of calm and grace. I have first hand knowledge of childhood trauma and the ways unresolved issues show up in life. If you are suffering overwhelm, business frustrations or pain in your body, my unique process will create lasting relief and emotional freedom