Join me on the journey


You’re a soulful woman who wants to fly high life & biz

You know you’re in your own way
and you’re not too sure how you’re going to get ‘unblocked’.  You have tried ‘all the things’ and nothing is shifting…

It’s as if you’re spinning in your own head with negative thoughts. They are automatic and out of control. You’re analysing and overthinking your every move. Nothing is helping, you’re still stuck with the same depressing mood you had yesterday and you’re over it!

You know where you want to be but you just can’t get there – You are stuck and you simply don’t know how to shift it. Whatever ‘it’ is, you’re done with it!

I bet you’re feeling…


Tired, it’s as if you’re investing heaps of energy to keep it all together but getting no where


Confused because you’re sending mixed messages to others and they don’t get you.


Frustrated with not doing the things you want to do to support your growth and mindset.


Leaky,  you’re attracted to situations and people that are just leaving you exhausted.


Distracted and searching for temporary relief from the frustration of not moving forward in life and in business


Conflicted with your internal struggle to stay in your comfort zone, repeat the same dance that’s taking you in circles or find a way out of this mind suck.


As if you always make excuses for the behaviour of others and way they treat you then defeated by feelings of shame and guilt.

It’s likely you’re avoiding…


Thinking of your pain for fear of being exposed and vulnerable. 


Self care, space to reflect and time to play.


The tough and unspoken conversations that are eating a hole of worry in you.


Making clear and healthy boundaries with others for your own safety and well-being.


Making plans and getting excited as you know something always goes wrong and you get disappointed.


Social settings as the risk of being emotionally exposed causes you anxiety.


Your raw self as you’ve forgotten who you really are.


Your emotional truth.


Ownership that you are in your own way.

Now…I want you to drop into your heart space and


What would be possible if you weren’t in your own way?


What would be possible if the ‘THING’ that was keeping you looping just wasn’t there anymore.


Having the confidence to step out of your comfort zone with the belief ‘I’ve got this covered!’ 


If distractions weren’t an option and you stopped procrastinating


 Navigating life from a place of ease, grace and flow, where anything was possible, knowing you always have choice?


Viewing yourself from a place of love and unconditional acceptance, knowing you are more than enough!

How good did that feel ? This can be your reality!



You will raise your vibrational frequency for awe and appreciation at the core of your essence. This energetic shift changes you at cellular level. You will attract other conscious souls and increase wellbeing in all parts your life.



You will attract the perfect business partners for collaboration of like-minded women who are committed to growth and serving the community.



Your business will explode as you ‘show up’ and attract clients that value your worth and expertise.



You will fall in love with the process of self-partnering, coming back to your authentic self and place of inner connectedness.



You will have more time to play and pamper yourself as you value your worth and wisely prioritise your time



Appreciation is a powerful catalyst for future happiness. Your increased thankfulness will brighten your spark of trust as you visualise your dreams with clarity and an elevated emotion.



Equipped for the rest of your journey to consciously apply EFT and stay connected to your feeling body. 



Enjoy improved Gut Health and overall vitality. Your energy and metabolism will improve as you release trapped emotions and make good life-style choices 



Discover and embrace yourself fully. Live life more abundantly with renewed strength, emotional freedom and endless joy bubbling within your heart.



Writing the next chapter of your brilliant story with a ‘kick butt’ attitude of self- love and a willingness to turn-up and be seen. 



Self compassion and ownership of your reconciled story. Acknowledging this is your gift to the world. 



Ultimate connection and loving emotional resilience to embrace the vulnerability within the heart of you and others. 



Wholehearted and fulifilled with all parts of yourself integrated into one. You are the creative spark of potential within the Intelligent all-present Mind of Source Energy.

I invite you to Journey with me

This 10 week Place of Grace journey is a life transforming experience.  It will provide you with the tools and opportunity to reclaim your lost sense of self. Respect yourself enough to do whatever it takes and do this work.

The nature of the Place of Grace is sacred and personal, it the stillness between a potentially triggering situation and your response. Here, in this space is your potential for growth, the keys to success and well-being.  The treasure you seek is the GOLD  within the walls of your fear and behaviours self-protection. Your quest is the realm of peace and possibility within YOU.

One down-side of the world you live in is your defence stance to combat the speed of change, stress, relationship pressure and the struggle to survive. Too often you find yourself defaulting to old patterns, feeling trapped and misaligned in life and business. 

Our work together is an inside job, retracing your story to release the suppressed energy of unresolved significant events and trauma. Even though you might not be aware of any psychological childhood trauma, it is possible as we tap for your unconscious mind to ‘bring it up’ to conscious awareness. Children are vulnerable and easily suffer because of illness, adverse experiences or lack of nurturing from primary care givers. As a child you may have developed an emotional learning that you were not safe and the world is a dangerous place. I know as a child I formed deep negative ‘learnings’ and beliefs about myself and lack. I associated having ‘needs’ with pain and punishment. My core belief or wound from painful situations was ‘I am nothing’ and ‘I am not good enough.’

Your beliefs are running your life.

As children, our first understanding of self-care and compassion is through the attention, emotional connection and nurture we receive from our care-givers. One important aspect of our work is to address any beliefs you have about yourself that your needs don’t matter. It’s time to change what you do with pain, disconnect and limiting beliefs.

Another magnificent aspect of the @findingmewitheft journey is the reconnection you gain with your body and mind. Feeling safe in your body by the daily practice of the ‘Tap and Breathe’ technique is the beginning of empowerment. It triggers your ability to shift physically and psychologically, to heal ourself.

EFT will help you change your brainwaves, lower stress PLUS remove the blocks that have kept you distant from your soul song and others. I know your desire is to show up and communicate your truth with ease and grace.

I am here with you holding space so the broken parts of yourself can be heard, held and seen.  Now is the time to do your inner work and  ‘let go’ of any resistance.

My driving ‘why’ or purpose is to equip you with tools and strategies to ease your suffering and shift your focus so you can be your own source of inspirational belief.

@findingmewitheft is an effective way to heal memories of the past, release the trauma that keeps you shutdown and shine a light on your blindspots.  Give yourself permission to transform beliefs and reprogram your mind for a courageous life.  

You are ready to commit to getting out of your own way and place both feet on your path to health, emotional freedom, loving-kindness and service!

Let’s start by diving into the discovery program of what EFT is and HOW it can help create a new way of BEING. Imagine having mastered the ability to choose your state, love yourself despite your shortcomings, set clear goals and boundaries, embrace your story and tap into the space of unlimited choice.  This is the juice of transformational self-acceptance!

My promise to you is ‘You will arrive at The Door of the best version of you.’ My absolute delight will be observing you choosing to open the door and reveal the magnificence and raw strength at the heart of who you are.

Our work together will translate into greater prosperity, confidence and creativity in your life. I’m an integral part of your health and mindset team, alongside your P/T, life-coach, nutritionalist, meditation guru, yoga instructor, soul-mate and favourite hobby! 

Buckle up! You’re in for a fabulously wild ride to freedom.

Inside the Journey

This journey creates the space for the Life-Changing work. After our initial consultation you begin your deeply personal journey of inner healing. During the process I am here for you. This will allow you to commit to the transformational work.  During the 10 week you will receive

6 x 180 minute One to One Sessions (in person or via video call)

In between session support via messenger/text/email.

Access to any workkshop I am running  during our time together

Prompts for daily Gratitude Practice. Tapping on real-life situations to ease stress between sessions.

Workbook to guide you through the 10 week journey – Includes tips, scripts, play-work and self compassion exercises to assist you on your journey of self discovery &  prepare you for our next session.


You have answered the call and are ready to meet me there!

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