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From my Beautiful Clients

I can confidently say that Sue-Anne is one of the most powerful practitioners in Australia. What she does is truly masterful. I have tried several different healing modalities and techniques, but none of them have had the profound and long-lasting impacts as the Emotional Freedom Techniques. She has an incredible, innate ability to safely hold space so that you feel empowered to get out of your own way and connect with your heart’s deepest soul purpose. I have had immediate visible emotional and physical shifts and breakthroughs in just one session. My shoulders feel lighter, my heart expands forward, and I feel centred and clear. Any fog or uncertainty is lifted like a veil that has been covering my eyes for a lifetime.  If you are ready to stop repeating soul-sucking thought patterns and behaviours and step into a space of grace and clarity I would highly recommend working with Sue-Anne. This is highly transformational work and it’s a true blessing to come across a practitioner with this level of knowledge, passion and certainty in your ability to heal through EFT.

Katrina Leavitt

Yoga Teacher // Reiki Healer // Lover of Serendipity

I did the 10 weeks journey with Sue and can honestly say that it is one of the most powerful and transformative process I have ever done. The changes were palpable and I had major breakthroughs around my business and life! Also it gave me tools to be able to continue this profound work to shift things as they arise. It’s truely put the power in my hands ( literally) to shift through major old childhood issues and traumas that were blocking me from stepping into my life and simply ‘turning up confidently.’ I highly recommend this journey to anyone who wants to find themselves.

Simi Shea

Astrological Counsellor & Womens Embodiment Coach

‘My sessions with Sue-Anne have been life changing. From the very first session with her I felt she created a container of nurturing and wisdom around me. Her work on the quantum field is next level, and I believe this is what makes her work so powerful and unique. She knows how to ask the questions to get to the core of the issues without fluffing around. I felt so safe, seen, held and nurtured the whole time. While simultaneously feeling the strong container she helped me create to be accountable to myself and my commitment to our sessions together. The length of time has been perfect, and has opened me up to allow the unravelling of years of belief systems to release. What I love most is that I never feel judged, we laugh, I cry and she stands strong… If you’re thinking about working with Sue Anne all I have to say is “What are you waiting for? This woman is amazing, she changed my life!!!” xxx

Jade Mason

Cycles of Success Mentor & Sacred Women Facilitator,

My Journey with Sue-Anne has been life changing.  It was the most gentle and effective soul work I have done and I’m freaking in love with my life following this experience. I have changed at a dna level and its rocking my world!

Isabelle Sheffield

Soul Biz Expert / BE YOU Brand Mentor & Web Designer,

Wow, what an experience! Thank you for sharing your gift Sue Anne. It really helped me the night after my first Tapping Circle. I sat on the floor and tapped in front of my 7 year old who was throwing a tantrum.  ‘Tap & Breathe,’ I couldn’t do anything else, I felt so triggered. The results were fast and unbelievable for both of us. He calmed, ‘Mummy when you do that I feel it in my body.’

Skye J Williams

Entrepreneur // Conscious Parenting//Young Mum

I am a business owner and entrepreneur. I have been on a journey of self-discovery and healing for a long time. I found EFT a few years ago & had some great results. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed with emotions.

It was only when I engaged the help of Sue Anne that I truly got to the core of the real issues holding me back. I was open & ready to hand the reins over to an expert. It has paid off beautifully.  My journey continues and Sue Anne remains as a steady component of my future path to success.

This @Findingmewitheft process is powerful. Wow! I’m loving the changes. I feel so much freer!! I’ve had fantastic results through video calls and support from Sue Anne between sessions. I now use Tapping to release stress and sustain my healing.  I simply cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Teresa Hay

Business Owner // Intelligent Choice Beauty & Wellness//Entrepreneur

I didn’t quite know what to expect before attending Sue-Anne’s short ‘Moving beyond Mindfulness’ workshop. I didn’t expect miracles in 2 hours and I can’t say I necessarily understand everything that happened there, though upon reflection, the shift towards a new found ‘CALM’ for me was so positively amazing, it now seems like a miracle!!

Normally being quite grounded, I recently experienced being thrust into a new position. It involved dealing with some unfamiliar and challenging, really super difficult, personalities and situations. This raised, not only my own but other people’s stress levels up higher than most any other time I have experienced. I had little expectation of any relief in sight.

Two weeks on, after learning how to Tap, I am  now leading a team having wins addressing all the issues in a calm, focussed way. Wow!! This is a huge change for me! I will definitely be looking into this EFT stuff some more. If what you have been doing is not getting the results you want, you must try something different. I recommend you be open to giving Sue-Anne’s ‘Tapping Circle’ workshop a go….

I’m glad I did.

Gary - Brisbane

‘Hi Sue-Anne. I thought it was time to write down my feelings on how I felt around you as a facilitator and your EFT Workshop. Personally I felt you held the energetic space masterfully, giving us a sense of safety, trust and security to be able to share deeply. It was amazing how quickly we could work through the ‘entrenched’ emotional issues using  EFT. I felt honoured in my emotional journey with you and my fellow journeyers. Best wishes on future ventures. Love and Blessings”

Sharyn O'Brien Murfett //

Psychotherapist, Facilitator of Interactive Drawing Therapies, Family Constellation Therapies, Art Journalling and soul Release.

“There are no bloody words for what happens in the ‘Tapping Circle’ it is truly explosive. I haven’t got the words to describe what changes that occur. I just know at the end we are all standing around, hugging, sharing tears of tears of joy, feeling held and connected. I was buzzing with the high powered phenomena of what just happened! 

Deb // Murwillumbah


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