Full Body Song

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Radical, radiant health and vitality is a full body song of personal immersion in your authentic self. The process of shining in your circumstances requires a commitment to releasing ‘stuck’ energy from your body and also nourishing your inner garden. Total well-being is grounded in gut health. Heal your gastro-intestinal tract and you heal all of you.

Optimal wellness and its expression are the result of a broad diversity of 100 trillion microbes living in harmony and promoting inner balance of mind and body. Your gut flora, or microbiome is about 2kgs of living, invisible, vital organisms that live in the space within and also on skin. Your thoughts and diet impact your bio chemistry, the consciousness of billions of gut bacteria. The bacteria are in constant communication with the entire body. Depending on the composition of this internal environment, these organisms, they will promote good health or disease. They affect your mood, decisions, immune system, weight, energy, cognition, heart health… everything!

The keys of your wonderful creative expression of being authentically at one with yourself and your intuition lie at the heart of your inner tribal garden of swarming juicy bacteria. Respect this magical oasis and enjoy the abundant fruits of healing, balance and vitality. It requires daily courage and discipline to nurture this invisible, medicinal rainforest to capacity and full diversity. The slightest changes in your perception of events or rhythm of your heart beat creates an altered biological state within.

Your gut’s biology changes with the seasons of life’s demands and the nature of our culture. Stress, overwhelm and trauma disrupts stomach pH, impedes activation of vitamins and limits digestion of nutrients. Other disruptors include:

  1. Medication, particularly antibiotics and antacid tablets disturb the stomach acid. Antibiotics have been shown to permanently deplete the range of bacteria in the gut (the microbiome).

  2. The Modern Australian Diet (MAD) & its high proportion of processed foods produces disfunction in the gut and feeds opportunistic, often harmful bacterial growth.

  3. Toxins in water, household products, pesticides and anti-bacterial soaps.

  4. Excessive alcohol consumption.

  5. Parasites, pathogens, fungal infections and inflammation.

Stress is one of the most damaging factors in compromised Gut Health. The relationship between mind and body is evident with the quick reaction in the gut to perceived threat. The messages between the gut and the brain are bio directional and constant, via your vagus nerve. This nerve is like a direct phone line with super speed capacity. Stress shuts digestion down and gives harmful bacteria a chance to invade and disrupt your delicate system.

Many of us have busy minds, suffer from constant pressure, cortisol overload and as a consequence are detached from our emotional bodies. Constant stress depletes us of mindfulness and is a signal from our body that our focus requires adjustment. It becomes increasingly challenging to express yourself freely, relax into the pure joy of incidental moments and be authentically, unashamedly YOU when you are caught in the constricting emotional trap of overwhelm and your body and digestive system are ‘shut-down.’

There are many symptoms of poor Gut Health.

  1. Bloating and fatigue

  2. Constipation/ Diarrhoea

  3. Auto Immune Disease

  4. Migraines and Brain Fog.

  5. Acne and skin irritations

  6. Depression and loss of vitality for life.

  7. Obesity and stubborn areas of fat deposits.

  8. Anxiety and automatic negative thoughts.

  9. Inflammation and aching joints.

  10. Poor Immune Function (i.e. constant colds and flu)

  11. Autism 

  12. Asthma, hay fever, eczema.

Recent and exciting findings have highlighted the relationship between psychiatric and mental disorders and the role gut microbiota can play as a key regulator of moods, brain function, health and behaviour. It’s encouraging to know you can alter your inner garden of ‘bug,’ with diet and introduction of super synbiotics to influence and support a robust emotional and spiritual well-being.

You have the power in your choices to reduce these uncomfortable states and turn-up your dial for new levels of healthy biochemical connections to be totally comfortable, feeling beautiful in your own skin.

Here are some easy life-style changes to support your vulnerable, life-giving gut bugs and ultimately your natural inner glow!

  1. Eliminate gluten, sugar and dairy as these often cause inflammation and gut allergies.

  2. Introduce warm foods such as soups, bone broth and stews as these foods are easy to digest and calm an inflamed gut.

  3. Celery juice is critical for chronic acid reflux, fights autoimmune disease, improves stomach acid and liver production of bile, plus supports your adrenals. Celery juice works with bio available nutritionals to eradicate the bacteria responsible for acne, yeast infections and small intestine bacterial overgrowth. (SIBO). 

  4. Eat a Mediterranean Diet. It is high in fibre, olive oil, salads, leafy greens, olives, oily fish, beans, nuts + seeds.

  5. Consume 8-10 cups of vegetables and high variety of colourful foods daily and supplement with Green Powders and Enzymes.

  6. Add rich fibre from flax-seed, chia, slippery elm to your diet.

  7. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar (or lemon juice) with water on an empty stomach. This promotes correct stomach acid pH and kills parasites.

  8. Add wild fermented foods to your diet. These are fun to make and rich in microbe strains. The good bacteria strains support weight management and production of serotonin. Your beautiful life-promoting hormones thrive in a balanced, inner garden. The blue-print of your inner beauty and its expression is reliant on the health of your microbiome.

  9. Learn to breathe. 10 deep breathes every hour will lower your stress (cortisol) by 40% Excess cortisol stimulates your body to hold fat and toxins. An unhealthy accumulation of fat increases inflammation and insulin resistance in the body. Focus on adopting better sleep patterns, develop a meditation or regular Tapping practice to assist in a stress less approach to life. Notice how you can turn up your happy hormones and ease into your day with simple life style choices.

  10. Laugh outrageously, often! Laughing stimulates healing by activating parasympathetic nervous system.

  11. Exercise changes your gut health and stimulates happy hormones. Get moving with a renewed full body song of self-care and inner balance. Embrace lovingly, the wonderful creation of your personhood and your responsibility in tending your inner sanctuary.


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