Rise Up Renewed

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

The first few moments of your day are a precious spiritual gift. Invest in the magic of that familiar drowsy state. Many of us are awake in the early hours and roll over to catch some more shut eye. This could be your perfect time to plant the carefully chosen, ‘extra ordinary life’ thought seeds!

The Magic of manifestation starts with a thought. The naturally occurring creative phase of our day begins when our brain is balanced. The frequency of healing and manifestation, Theta brain waves, feels like a light sleep. It is this opportune frequency of a relaxing trance like state where you are facing the sacred door that allows you to enter the engine room of your powerful subconscious mind. There is a Universal force field of possibility in every Theta moment. The magic of transience is cultivated in the slumber of the of the resonance state that surrounds your body, just before you become fully awake and activated.

Break the dawn of your new day by consciously welcoming an uplifting thought. Get into the habit of flooding your soul with thanks and heart felt gratitude. Some days this will be an effortless transition from the dreamland of slumber across the brainwave changes of waking to the morning light. Your one thought moves faster than the speed of sound. This is the moment you get to choose, to download those thoughts and ideas that fill your heart with love and joy. Your first thoughts become the frame for your day. Capture any thought that does not align with your intention to create a day that is compelling and rich with expectation.

Stay rested in the creative bliss by choosing to discipline your mind with visualisation. The subconscious mind responds to the pictures you form in your mind. Imagine those seeds of potential germinating in your internal garden of plenty. Let your imagination bloom, you are in the childlike place of enchantment. Daydream, see with your eyes closed, fill in the frame of how your day and life will be as you step up in the realm of faith and desired intention. Pump up this picture, expand the frame and breathe your life force into this image until you feel your emotions propel you to greater heights of expansion!

Waking up is primetime viewing to construct a new image on the impressionable subconscious mind. Repeated thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become self-fulfilling. Revise the writings or beliefs that have been scribbled on the inner walls of your mind, often in childhood, by adults who were doing their best with what they knew. The negative way you view yourself is a replay of that little kid who wasn’t understand. The child who was never heard. You may be playing small and thinking small by default. It is not your fault. Yet, it is your responsibility to change any limiting beliefs that keep you fearful and restricted. I am reminded of areas of limitations when I stop and reflect, on the quality of my life. My deepest beliefs about who I am are reflected back to me. The reality of my world is a mirror. You have the window of opportunity, in your waking moments, to reclaim your brilliance and begin to shine despite the assumptions you have accepted about who you are.

Claiming the sacred morning time for renewal of programming and meditating on the great things you desire to become will unlock the unlimited energy of your subconscious to serve you in new and extraordinary ways. Get outside your ordinary habitual thinking. Disrupt your morning routine and create a ritual that brings coherence and fuels your ability to surpass your wildest dreams.

Propel yourself to greater heights. The New Day is teasing you to seize the opportunity to increase your self-belief and transcend personal doubts. Wake up from your everyday reality. Start your day by sending your body intentional psychological messages. Get your mental power stance happening, straight up, first conscious breath of your day. It’s thrilling to be consciously awake to the promise of the ‘unexpected.’ Be honest, “Are you the one holding yourself back?’

Come on, be the greatest cheer squad there is in your life. Get off the sidelines of your life and decide to play big. Dream more! Work the momentum muscle of creativity and magic by installing a vibrant way to start your day. Turn up your energy, only after prolonging the slow cooking, miracle working dimension of honouring the Theta, morning state. Carefully cultivate your thought life. The seeds of limitless potential and the growth state of living in the sunshine will release the inner power of your Being.


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