You are the Cycle

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Sitting in the plane, looking down at the coastline, it is impossible for me to see where the wave starts. The wash and tumble of the water is a continuous white edging of movement, as it approaches the shore. The beginning of the new wave is disguised in the ending of the previous wave. I know in my mind there must be a moment when the movement of the wave can be tagged in a linear fashion as it makes it journey to the land. No matter how hard I focus and peer from the small aeroplane window, that birth of the wave remains beyond my vision.

My mind has a propensity to want to understand the mechanics of life. It stands to reason that two clear points exist: the beginning and end point. The duality of the world we live in is a widely accepted narrative. The beginning of the story is concluded by the end of the story and framed in a larger landscape we call time.

We are suspended in a constant cycle of change within our personal narratives. Beginnings are birthed in the energy of our thoughts and desires. Our thoughts are powerful enough to launch a new wave of potential across the landscape of our stories. We are simultaneously the endings and beginnings of our stories at any moment in time. The cycle of life shakes us deeply, collectively. It keeps us awake.

Profound wisdom is hidden in our suffering. Close your eyes to the endings and soften into the discomfort of the changing journey. Deeply challenging times are like a purifying fire. They have the potential to enhance your strength and reveal your inner beauty. Remind yourself you are one with the cosmic dust, a particle, that simply was, before all ‘beginnings’ came into existence. Release your grip of fear that causes you to fight the unfolding nature of the mystery of life. It is in this struggle that we have the opportunity to plant new ideas and seeds of hope that something new and beautiful will grow from the hubris of what we knew before.

Endings are rich in the potential of new beginnings. Make a conscious decision to make peace with the darkness of not knowing. It is an integral part of the journey to experience the isolation before the dawn. You are the contractions of every new beginning, birthed from the quantum field of endless possibilities. Come back into the safety and rhythm of your connective breath. It is your reminder of the sacredness of life. The evidence that the miracle of life is substance of your heart beat and the breath of life that brings oxygen to every cell of your body. Be filled with gratitude as you acknowledge the wonder of being alive.

Life is difficult at times. We need each other for support and encouragement. This common thread of endings and beginnings binds us together. Our deepest insights come with acceptance and surrender. We will be broken open by this very process of life. The contours of our personal journey shapes us, exposes our vulnerabilities and reminds us of our mortality. This cycle is a critical part of being human. It is the glue that binds us together in the massive wave of humanity.

Know that you are the embodiment of this life cycle. We are connected to each other in ways that are beyond this dimension’s understandings. It’s as if we are peering from our windows and looking outwardly for the way to bring relief. You are the continuous wave, the life force of the cycle, it is in you. Open your heart to new beginnings, even though some of them are disguised as painful endings.


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